Cech To Take A Break, But Support Leno

Petr Cech feels that the headgear he was wearing helped to save him from getting seriously injured in the head when he had played the match against Fulham. This was probably brought into context since he suffered a hamstring injury in the recent match that Arsenal played against Watford. Today Petr believes that the trademark helmet he wore when playing against Fulham prevented more injury. This is a precautionary measure he takes up after having suffered a skull fracture that occurred five years back.

At the time he suffered an injury while playing against Fulham, the Chelsea goalkeeper had to be taken in for hospital treatment. Cech revealed that the injury he suffered in the game against Fulham had, however, not been for nothing since the team had obtained a victory in the Carling Cup. The injury caused him to feel dizzy and he could not stand up or see straight. However, if the headgear that he was wearing was not his head, he would have suffered a more serious injury. That is what the 29-year-old footballer felt at that time and he has reason to be concerned since he has metal plates put in his skull after the accident he suffered in 2006.
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