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July 14, 2017

Whether Eden Hazard actually opted for Chelsea over a move to Madrid 5 years ago is something we may never get to fully know.

The Belgian was reported to have had a substantial number of suitors after his heroics with Lille.

Since the Belgian arrived at west London, he has being everything The Blues hoped for when they signed and even if their dominance has left much to be desired, the Belgian has rarely been at fault. The only time accusing fingers could be pointed to him will carry one to the terrainof the fact that Stamford Bridge has never been stable enough for one to consistently give his best.

Frequent changing of coaches plus the ideas they carry meant the players are almost always in the loop of starting all over the journey of earning their places in the first team plus are being forced to learn the new ropes new manager carry with them.

In spite of these ups and downs, the Belgian has managed to still be the best he can for the Blues and sometimes the whole league. In 174 competitive matches he has partook in he has scored 57goals, fair return from a winger.

However, like the open secret everyone has come to acknowledge as far football is concerned, it doesn’t matter how good you have it, once Madrid comes calling, everything pauses.

And as news of their interest continue to swirl around, the Belgian will do well to know that staying put at Chelsea remains his best bet. He’s come so far and is obviously too old to start the game of bench warning at this stage of his career.

James Rodriguez learnt it the hard way and with Isco,Vasquez, Bale, and Asensio looking like they just starting out, coming to a jampacked squad will only be to his detriment.