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Lille claimed that the Belgium international was a huge brat in his teenage

May 9, 2017

Some retired Footballers of Eden Hazard’s boyhood club Lille have claimed that the Belgium international was a huge brat in his teenage and hadn’t had the nicest of attitudes because of which he was hit by the seniors.

Nicolas Plestan who played for Lille for 7 years before his transfer to Schalke 04 has disclosed that he himself hit Hazard once because he felt that the young winger had no regard for him at all despite him being a senior to him.

Narrating the story, Plestan says that there was a time when Hazard was a part of the first as well as the second team of Lille and he would say bad things about the first team players whenever he went back to the second team.

Plestan got to know about that from the other second team players and he wasn’t impressed by it any bit.

So when Hazard came up to him after that and tried to give him a hand shake, he asked him why he was trying to give a hand shake to a person whom he doesn’t really respect.

Hazard’s response to that was pretty indifferent and he didn’t show as if he had any guilt of what he had done. That pissed Plestan off and he couldn’t resist raising his hand on the youngster.

And Plestan was not the only player at Lille who lost his patience with Hazard and hit him. There were a couple others as well including the club legend Franck Beria who is actually still active with Lille Man United News.

It is understood that Hazard had once made fun of Beria at a public place which didn’t amuse the defender and he decided to teach Hazard a lesson when he found him in the locker room.